The Leader's responsibility is to create energy in others by instilling purpose to what people do. Our leadership program identifies critical leadership components and presents what actions must be taken to achieve leadership excellence. Key topics include:

  • The Leadership Performance Model
  • The Psychology of Leadership
  • Opening Environments
  • Developing People
  • Building Trust
  • Eliminating Fear
  • Gaining Respect
  • Change as Opportunity
  • Building Confidence
  • Raising Minimum Acceptable Performance Points
  • Ensuring Fairness
  • Using Accountability as a Catalyst
  • Understanding The Communication Link
  • Identifying Organizational Deficiencies
  • Developing Your PANACEA Leadership Performance Plan

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LeaderShip - Defined
LeaderShip - Leadership Issues
LeaderShip - Open the Enviroment
LeaderShip - Develop Our People
LeaderShip - Eliminate Fear
LeaderShip - Guarantee Success


The difference between a wise man and a fool is one sees consequences in the windshield, the other in the rear view mirror.