Our program takes a dramatic departure from accepted theory on why salespeople succeed. An airtight case is presented that validates salespeople who achieve the greatest success in the least amount of time are those that know how to gain influence. Key topics include:

  • The Selling Performance Model
  • Motivational Acceleration
  • Understanding Buyer Personalities
  • Targeting Your Approach
  • The Spectrum of Influence
  • Quantifying Behavior
  • Identifying Accelerating Actions
  • Implementing Creativity
  • Avoiding the Maze of Non-Performance
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Uncovering Operating Deficiencies
  • Influencing Positive Perceptions
  • Upgrading The Relationship
  • Developing Your Selling Performance Plan

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Every journey starts with a step. If the first step is in the wrong direction you just extended the trip.