There is no magic in learning. It happens in a variety of ways. There are answers in the Ivy League and on the streets of hard knocks. Some learn by sight, others by sound and many won’t get it right until they have done it themselves. Self assessment and repetition are necessary. There is reason. When you are exposed to new information much of it is soon forgotten. Repetition makes it stick.

We’ve incorporated what we know about learning with what we know about Performance, Selling and Leadership. Our objectives are simple. We will make you better fast. If you weren’t aware of it, you are smarter than you think. The fact you have navigated life has taught you much. Our job is too point you in the right direction. The protocols that take you through the program are meant to personalize the experience.

The education you will receive will be clear, relevant, accurate and actionable. We will put key issues into a context that allows you to move forward.  When you have completed our programs you will have the knowledge to do what needs to be done. That is our promise!

PANACEA - Every journey should start with an understanding of the envionment. Your pursuit of Success is no different. PANACEA establishes that being Responsive to the Issues, Threats, Opportunities, and Challenges that will confront you will determine Victory or Defeat. Our interactive program allows you to assess where you are in your performance cycle and identifies the Philosophical, Stategic and Tactical elements needed to create your Blueprint For Accomplishmnet. The Power Grid is the model. PANACEA is the Operation Plan. Click PANACEA on the Homepage for specific topics.

LEADERSHIP - Leaders create energy in others by instilling purpose to what people do. A leaders actions will either energize the team or take them out of the game. Roadmapping Leadership estables the critical elements necessary for Leadership excellence and delivers a Performance Blueprint that will guranteee success in any endeavor. Click Leadership on the Homepage for specific topics.

SELLING - It has long been said that Selling is about satisfying a customers need. In reality if you are going to compress the time it takes to impact you cutomer and the bottom line, you had better understand that “Gaining Influence” is critical to everything you will do. When a sales person gains influence they are on the road to Victory, when they lose it, failure is inevitable. Click on Selling on the Homepage for specific topics.

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