We live in a world of limited resources. Each of us has only so much time, money, and energy, and because of that we have to make choices. The people to whom you are trying to sell have to make choices also. Not everyone gets to win. The winners are usually those individuals who get noticed. The losers live in the shadows. They do what everyone else is doing. Their life is characterized by a never-ending series of Non-Events. They give nothing above the ordinary and therefore get nothing in return.


In order to facilitate your understanding of the sales process, let’s identify some terms that I think accurately express what is going on in any interpersonal relationship. Right from the start, the moment you encounter another person, you are making an impression on them. You are gaining or losing influence. Physical appearance, enthusiasm, intelligence, and communication all play a part.

The individual will internalize what he or she sees and hears and begin to form an opinion about you. If you are average in all areas, the impression you make will be negligible. You will be viewed as a Non-Event. In Wonderland the hopes and wishes that accompany a Non-Event come true, but in the real world being a Non-Event will introduce you to a lot of closed doors.

Non-Events exist for only one reason: the individual doing the selling chooses not to put forth the effort to make the interpersonal interaction meaningful.

The majority of all interpersonal interactions are Non-Events. Of the twenty-five people you interfaced with yesterday, how many of them were memorable? If you’ve taken any sales training courses, you have been taught that a critical component of selling is differentiating yourself from the competition.

If you believe it, then recognize that being average does not set you apart. Most people are average. It’s not an indictment. If everyone were outstanding, then outstanding would become average. The majority of us don’t fall into that category, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stand out and standing out is necessary if you are going to impact your customer.