There is no one who has accomplished something that didn’t have to evaluate what they were doing and then make adjustments. Leaving the status quo can be frightening. It will also be productive. Action oriented individuals understand the status quo is the birthplace of hopes and wishes. Accomplishment comes in a different place. It is Action that takes you there. Action provides impetus for change and change is crucial for success.

Change- Doing what needs to be done under different circumstances.

To embrace change it helps to understand some things about it.

  • Change is inevitable.
  • Change comes unexpectedly.
  • Change is disruptive.
  • Change is necessary.

Change is so essential to Success you would think everyone would embrace it. There are three reasons why people don’t.

Apathy-Many people have been disengaged for so long their mind, body and spirit has atrophied. When the need for change comes they just aren’t interested.

Ignorance-People who don’t know what to do are happy to stay put.

Fear-Change interrupts our life. It mandates we operate in new environments with different rules. That can be frightening.

“Our fears are thieves that steal our confidence and diminish our potential.”

Fear is a real deal! But, in order for you to move ahead you will have to deal with it. The good news is fear is never fatal. The difference between people who accomplish more and those that accomplish less, lies in the recognition that fear is not rewarded. Overcoming it is.

And that is why is so important to get into Action. When you Act one of two productive things will happen. You will win or you will learn. Both should make you more confident. Where Confidence resides, Fear is homeless.