Accomplishment is seldom a product of circumstance. Individuals that perform understand that being RESPONSIVE to the Issues, Threats, Opportunities and Challenges that will confront them determines success or failure. PANACEA is the Blueprint for navigating any environment. It identifies the critical components necessary for achievement. When Philosophy, Strategy and Tactics work in tandem it is only a matter of time before Victory is yours. Key topics include:

  • Navigating the Performance Maze
  • Benchmarking Values
  • Identifying Accelerating Behaviors
  • Deficiency Analysis
  • Enhancing Knowledge
  • Determining Direction
  • Gaining Control
  • Establishing Performance Triggers
  • Targeting Thinking
  • Optimizing the Power Grid
  • Getting Into Action
  • Developing Your PANACEA Performance Plan

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The difference between a wise man and a fool is one sees consequences in the windshield, the other in the rear view mirror.