The most precious thing anyone possesses is their life. It’s interesting how readily many will farm out the management of it to someone else. Roadmapping Victory operates under the premise you can create your own existence. When you understand the principles that deliver success and apply them, more often than not, Victory is the outcome.

Few would argue that luck doesn’t play part in living. Others will suggest, “You make your own luck.” One side of me agrees. The realist in me understands it is not that cut and dry. Everyone comes into this world under different circumstances. “There go I” as the old axiom professes, delivers the proposition that much of what happens to us we have no control over. The case studies are everywhere. It is a credit to individuals who rise like a Phoenix and sympathy can be given to those that were never able to elevate from the ashes.

Now, having said it, in reality most of us come into this world with a clean slate. We aren’t encumbered by a paralyzing set of circumstances. The best among us recognize it is OPPORTUNITY that will determine success or failure. They understand whatever burden they carry can be overcome when Opportunity allows you to play the game.

Access is critical to performance, but once you are in the arena it is imperative you have a Roadmap to begin your journey. Many people don’t. They know what they want but don’t have a clue how to get there.

You can Roadmap Victory in myriad areas. We specialize in three. Organization, Selling and Leadership. In delivering the messages our aim is to eliminate the noise and target your thinking.

We Organize so we can be responsive to the issues, threats, opportunities and challenges that are a ubiquitous part of living. In Selling, “Influence” is the primary determinant to success. In Leadership, “Energy” is at the heart of taking any organization or individual to higher level of achievement.

Opportunity invites you to participate but unless you take the initiative to get started, nothing of consequence is going to happen. My experience has taught me three things help to get into Action. 

1)    Knowledge-Dumb is out. Brainpower makes things happen. There has never been a time in human history that it was easier to GET SMART. Pick the method. The Internet is waiting to deliver the goods. Spend an hour a day in the pursuit of understanding and your brain will thank you. Recognize Knowledge is a product of two things-Information and Experience. Enhance both and Victory is coming your way.

2)    Capability-Resources are critical to any endeavor. Whatever your plan, before you begin, make sure you have the capability to get it done. If you don’t have the resources to support your effort, you may want to delay your launch until you do.

3)    Motivation- All Motivation is self-generated. Regardless of what the gurus say, ultimately it comes from internal combustion. You know what gets you excited. Isolate it, Focus on it, Embrace it and when the spirit moves you, do something.

More than a century ago a smart guy understood the deal.

On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions, who, at the Dawn of Victory, chose to wait, and in their waiting, died. -George Cecil

The difference between success and failure can be surprisingly small. Take a step in some direction and the outcome might surprise you.